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Meet Our Team

Our spotlight on some of customer facing team:

Craig Hines
Craig HinesProject Manager / Consultant
Craig began his leadership career in the travel and aviation industries before landing his feet on terra firma as a business improvement consultant. He has been lucky to work with some of the UKs best known brands such as British Airways, BT, Barclays and British Gas – as well as many companies not beginning with a B! His passion is helping companies to achieve take off in performance across sales, service and brand.

Craig believes…
“Its people that make a business. Effort, commitment, results and winning performance come from a highly-engaged team. Add to the mix a hint of maverick and rebelliousness and you’re likely on to something magical”.

What people say…
“Craig is a pleasure to work with. His level of professionalism and determination to drive results forward make it easy to want to use him again and again. I would highly recommend him to others looking for someone who can tailor what they do no matter what the circumstance”. Principal Consultant, Ernst & Young

Jane Jones
Jane JonesKey Account Manager
Jane is a commercially driven multi-skilled professional with a passion to provide customer-focused solutions via the Propel 2 Grow programme. She is a highly motivated communicator with extensive experience in customer engagement, accessing the most appropriate resources to achieve business growth, including turnover and skills.

Jane Believes:
“In the words of Steve Jobs, great things are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”.

What people say…
“Jane is an accomplished resource investigator. She has helped to connect us with experts that have helped our business really fly.” Director, Inspired Events

Sandra Scott
Sandra ScottKey Account Manager
Sandra has lived in South Africa for the last three decades and has recently returned to the UK. As well as helping businesses to achieve their aims, her passion and love is her family. A dedicated and ambitious individual with a desire to inspire the best performance and deliver exceptional customer standards and quality. Sandra always brings the best out in people.

Sandra believes…
“that you must always have your glass half full and never half empty. Smile at people and eventually, people will smile back. Never give up ……. Tomorrow is another day.”

What people say…
“Her insight and ability to understand information at hand has added value to me. She always displayed a proactive attitude and willingness to engage with other stakeholders. Her business management and finance skills, technical astuteness make her an asset to any team and her sense of humour makes her a pleasure to work with”. Departmental Financial Head, Standard Bank

Mike Wilson
Mike WilsonKey Account Manager
Mike has been working with High Growth Businesses in Lancashire for 23 years and in that time, he has supported over 7,000 businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries sectors.

Mike uses his experience and knowledge to help managers and owners to realise their potential, make the most of opportunities and overcome barriers to growth. Mike is also particularly good at building networks and contacts and developing collaborations that achieve great things for those involved – a win, win, win.

Mike believes…
“that looking after your employees and your customers are the keys to success. It may sound obvious but it’s not always easy to achieve. Just getting a few small things right will have a massive positive impact.”

What people say…
“Mike has been around a while and knows what’s what. He is knowledgeable about business and is enthusiastic about helping people at all levels. Things really do happen has a result of his involvement.” Managing Director, Thomas Cole Digital