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Propel2Grow offers Flexibility

Propel 2 Grow isn’t a one size fits all approach; participating companies choose how much, or how little advantage they want to take of the support available. You may choose to complete Stage One only, Stages One & Two, or Stage Two only; the choice is yours. You may have already participated on previous provisions of support e.g. Propel I, GrowthAccelerator, Growth Mentoring etc. Propel2Grow has been designed to build on these foundations, not duplicate them. You will remain in the driving seat at each stage, enabling you to determine the speed of your company’s growth journey.

Stage One – Research & Diagnostic

Our team have a wealth of experience in analysis, planning and research and will expertly guide you and members of your management team through this free of charge process using a range of on-line tools to access your team’s strengths and limitations, in addition to accessing their understanding of the business operation as a whole. Findings of these results will be presented to you in an unbiased ‘Pulse Report’, which is yours to keep and will focus on how you can:

  • Grow your bottom line

  • Develop competitive advantage

  • Increase efficiency & effectiveness

Upskill the competencies of your management team & key operational staff

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Stage Two – Tailored Package of Growth Support

Up to 50% funding is available to all Stage Two participants where a tailored package of consultancy support is provided. If Stage One has been completed, findings from this research may be used to guide the support package, in other instances participants know the consultancy support needed to help them achieve their growth plans.

Propel 2 Grow have access to sector specialist consultants with skills and practical experience in a broad range of disciplines, see below. This list is by no means exhaustive and should you have a need that you don’t see listed, give us a call to discuss your requirements further.

  • Strategy & planning

  • Business performance & improvement processes

  • Human resource management

  • Exploring innovation & competitive advantage

  • Leadership & talent management

  • Marketing and Sales Strategy, skills and implementation

  • Launching new products

  • IT & Digital process improvement

  • Financial management

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Other Benefits of Propel2Grow

All are at no cost to our clients

  • Free of Charge Recruitment Service
    Access to the Vedas Group’s recruitment service, which depending on the role, could save you £100s.

  • Access to the National Career Services (NCS)
    Delivered locally by Vedas, will provide information, advice and guidance to your staff to help them identify and develop their career aspirations. It will also provide you with an opportunity to tap into your existing talent pool, whilst motivating and inspiring your staff on your company’s growth journey.

  • On-line Resource Tools
    Propel 2 Grow customers can access on-line resources ranging from HR policy templates through to best practice white papers.

  • Networking & Workshops
    Regular free peer-to-peer networking events and workshops are available for all participating companies.

  • Key Account Manager
    A dedicated Key Account Manager will be on hand to provide support at each stage of your growth journey.

  • ‘One Stop Shop’ Provision
    You will be signposted to other support available from Boost, Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub.

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How to Start YOUR Growth Conversation

To discuss your existing businesses growth plans or indeed plans for a start-up business, get in touch…

Phone: 01282 832211

Project Manager:
Craig Hines – craig.hines@propel2grow.com

Key Account Managers:
Jane Jones – jane.jones@propel2grow.com
Mike Wilson – mike.wilson@propel2grow.com

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